Shady Paul Not Guilty

Shady Paul was found not guilty in the recent case against him for murdering hookers.

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Shady Paul
Unfortunately, there isn't much you can say about Shady Paul that isn't relevant to any number of ongoing investigations. True, like his artistic hero Chamillionaire he has warrants in every city except Houston. It's also true that while he is no longer an ambassador for Cadillac he remains loyal to the storied Detroit brand and their category leading trunk capacity. When he was first approached by S.R. Smith in 2014 about the possibility of starting this website Shady Paul was sceptical. S.R. had let him down before, besides which Paul had once shot him. S.P.'s relationship with Cal was also fraught. They had been both artistic collaborators and rivals, not to mention they found themselves on opposite sides in a 2007 Youtube flame war which had tarnished the dignity of all parties. But old S.R. and Cal knew that to get their message out they wouldn't be able to rely on conventional channels, and that internet autodidact and track pant enthusiast Shady Paul was the only man for the job. We are proud to have him onboard for another round of public humiliation and defeat. Check the site frequently to keep tabs on this shade ball with the help of our new Shady Paul Shade Index, which will be updated in accordance with the depths of his darkness.

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